As draught beer wholesalers, we offer great lagers such as Stella Artois, Budweiser, Corona and Becks, along with unique lagers from around the world such as Asahi and Menabrea, Tsingtao and Budvar. We supply canned and bottled lagers as well as draught, covering a vast selection of lagers from craft breweries across the world. Each lager we stock is well worth trying, all selected by our experienced and expert team to help you make sure you’re providing the best drinking experience for your

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Confectionery Promotional Sweets, Chocolate and Mints have consistently proven to be our most popular promotional merchandise product year after year. Budget is not a problem when it comes to personalised sweets as we have an item to suit everybody, from low cost promotional individually wrapped sweets, to corporate high end luxury chocolate boxes, we have an item for you! If you don’t see a branded confectionery item that you like please let us know as our experienced friendly sales team can source something for you..

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