Animal Vaccine Oil


●Higher safety
● Higher emulsibility, clear critical point of emulsification
● More sustainable titer, uniform controlled release
●Less non-potential dangerous molecular structure harmful to animals
●Higher small index standard, such as the positive distribution of n-alkanes
It’s used to manufacture veterinary vaccine.And studies have shown that vaccines with mineral oil can significantly improve the immunity of animals.

3.Speifications :
The viscosity of white oil produced by our factory ranges from 3cst to 110cst (viscosity @ 40 deg. C). For different application scenarios, we have different specifications of white oil to meet customer needs.So please feel free to contact us for the exact COA or sample which you may need.

1.Chemical tanker (above 5,000MT)
2. 165kg mew steel drum
3. Flexibag  (20MT per tank)
4. Isotank (20MT per tank)

5.IBC Tank


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