Bodyform Ultra+ With Wings Regular Flow 10s (PM £1.49)

Original price was: €11.30.Current price is: €5.00.

Ultra Normal Wings Towels will give you perfect protection and extra security so you don’t need to worry about leaks.

Ultra Normal Wings Towels include FreshProtect combining two pieces of unique technology from Bodyform:
– SecureFit – Ensuring towels fit your body shape to prevent leaks
– AirTech – An ultra-breathable top layer designed to offer a feeling of freshness

Ultra Normal Wings Towels include Roll.Press.Go wrappers which have unique self-sealing edges on all sides, so you can hygienically seal your used towel inside it, then dispose of it.
Even if you aren’t near a sanitary bin, then you can pop it in your bag safe in the knowledge that the towel will not open because the sealed Roll.Press.Go wrapper stays tightly secured. Wear Bodyform, Live Fearless.

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