Caustic Soda Flakes

Other name: Sodium hydroxideAppearance:white flakes

Cas no.:1310-73-2

HS CODE:28151100



Grade standard:Agriculture Grade,Industrial grade

Molecular Weight: 40.00

Caustic Soda flake can be used to precipitate transition metal hydroxides.—Paper making
Caustic Soda flake plays a key role in several later stages of the process of bleaching the brown pulpresulting from the pulping process, including oxygen delignification, oxidative extraction, and simple extraction.

—Tissue digestion
Caustic Soda flake is frequently used in the process of decomposing roadkill dumped in landfills by animal disposal contractors.

—Cleaning agent
Caustic Soda flake is frequently used as an industrial cleaning agent and added to water, heated, and then used to clean process equipment, storage tanks, etc. It can dissolve grease, oils, fats and proteinbased deposits.

Caustic Soda flake is in the production of parts washer detergents which based on sodium hydroxide are some of the most aggressive parts washer cleaning chemicals, including surfactants, rust inhibitors and defamers.

—Food preparation
Including washing or chemical peeling of fruits and vegetables, chocolate and cocoa processing, caramel coloring production, poultry scalding, soft drink processing, and thickening ice-cream.

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