Cosmetic Grade Mineral Oil

Cosmetic grade hydrorefining white oil, is obtained by deep chemical refining and extraction of high grade paraffinic base oils.

● High purity (no toxic elements).

●Extremely easy to be matched with HLB value required by emulgator.

●No allergy substance, high physiological security, high skin applicability, low irritation, no comedogenicity.

●Outstanding antibacterial property and ultimate biodegradation ability, extremely small influence on environment.

● Inhibit rancidity.

Apply to the cosmetic industry, can make hair cream, hair oil, lipstick, surface oil, cream, sunscreen, baby oil, cold cream, ointment and softener base oil.

3.Speifications :
For different application scenarios,there are different specifications to meet customer needs.So please feel free to contact us for the exact COA or sample which you may need.

   Application  Recommendation        Effects
Hair care products (hair oil, hair vaseline, hair cream, electric permanent wave lotion) Aquae-7C 、9C、 13C Form thin grease film, protect hair, make hair soft, lubricant, glossy and natural, avoid “uncoating” and “sweating” caused by hair vaseline,  relieve itching and reduce dandruff.
Lipstick Aquae-9,10,13,15,18 Greatly improve the crystal texture of lipstick as the substrate.
Essential oil Aquae-7C 、9C、 13C Good solubility and effects of fixing fragrance and prolonging fragrance dwelling.
Cream, Pearl Cream
, Cleansing Oil
Aquae-9,10,13,15,18 Improve the moisture retention of product, promote the penetration of active components, kill mite and keep skin elasticity.
●Chemical tanker (above 5,000MT)
●165kg new steel drum
● Flexibag  (20MT per tank)
● Isotank (20MT per tank)

●IBC Tank


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