Food Grade Mineral Oil

Product Description :
●high purity

● appropriate viscosity

● no harmful substances such as heavy metal and arene

● super-strong oxidation stability and safety


3.Speifications :
The viscosity of white oil produced by our factory ranges from 3cst to 110cst (viscosity @ 40 deg. C). For different application scenarios, we have different specifications of white oil to meet customer needs.So please feel free to contact us for the exact COA or sample which you may need.


Industry Recommended grades Effect
Coating agent (casings) Aquae 9,10,13 Spraying the surface of eggs, fresh sterilized.
Raisin Aquae 9,10,13 Surface treatment, moisture and prolong the shelf life of the product increased texture.
Baking industry Aquae10,13,15,18 Stripping increase productivity, and improve the perception.
Food Machinery Lubrication Claire 35 Spray, lubrication, cooling, to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical precursor, there will be no harmful substances into the food.
Bottle Cap production Aquae 9,10 As pressing oil lubrication and cooling to improve production efficiency.
Pigment Aquae 9,10,13  Food coloring solvents
1.Chemical tanker (above 5,000MT)
2. 165kg new steel drum
3. Flexibag  (20MT per tank)
4. Isotank (20MT per tank)

5.IBC Tank


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