Pharmaceutical Grade Mineral Oil

Other  names: white mineral oil; liquid paraffin;paraffin oil

Cas no.: 8042-47-5

MF: CnH2n+2n

EINECS NO.:232-315-6

Grade: Pharma grade

Colour: colorless , odorless

Feature: high lubrication and insulation properties

Place of origin: Tianjin ,China

Brand Name: uni-bright


In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as the carrier of spray and ointment, the adjuvant of pills and the medium of pharmacy, the adjuvant of capsule production and the release agent.

3.Speifications :
The viscosity of white oil produced by our factory ranges from 3cst to 110cst (viscosity @ 40 deg. C). For different application scenarios, we have different specifications of white oil to meet customer needs.So please feel free to contact us for the exact COA or sample which you may need.

1.Chemical tanker (above 5,000MT)
2. 165kg new steel drum
3. Flexibag  (20MT per tank)
4. Isotank (20MT per tank)

5.IBC Tank


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