Sodium Metabisulphite

Other name:Sodium Metabisulphite,Sodium Pyrosulfite, alias disulfide, or sodium sulfite, or sodium disulfite

Appearance: off-white crystalline powder, White monoclinic crystal or powder

Molecular formulaNa2S2O5

CAS No.: 7681-57-4

EINECS: 231-673-0

HS Code: 28321000


2.Main Applications:
Food grade:
2. Loose agent (e.g.bread, cracker etc);
3. Antiseptic and germicide (e.g.fruit juice, tinned food etc);
4. Inhibitor and freshen agent ( lily, seafood, fruit and vegetable etc).

Industrial grade:

1.Mordant: printing and dyeing;
2. Bleach Agent: paper pulp, bamboo and timber, waste water treatment;
3. Rubber solidifying agent.

Test Item 


Standard Result
Appearance WHITE CRYSTAL Pass
Na2S2O5 ≥96.5% 97.18%
SO2 65.0% 55.5%
Iron (Fe) 0.003% 0.0018%
 Heavy metal( as Pb) 5 ppm max <3ppm
   Arsenic (As) 2ppm max <1ppm
Water insoluble matter 0.05^ max 0.01%
 Packing in 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg pp woven bag with plastic lining.

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