Water Softener Salt

Other names: sodium chloride;Salt Tablets


Chemical formula: NaCl

Purity(%): 99.5%MIN

Appearance: white crystal

Grade standard: industrial grade

Molecular weight:58.44

Melting point:801℃

Boiling point: 1465℃

CAS No.:7647-14-5

HS code: 25010019

EINECS NO.:231-598-3

Shelf life: 3years

Application: soften water

Water softener salt is designed to remove specific anions (positively charged ions) from the water.It is the most common and most effective method of removing the minerals that harden the water. As high levels of calcium and magnesium make it more difficult to use the water to dissolve other solutes, such as soap.  High calcium levels can also cause lime scale build up that block piping and can coat heating elements.

Nacl 99.5% Moisture 0.15%
Water insoluble matter 0.01% Whiteness 87 Du
Ca2+ 0.1% Mg2+ 0.05%
Size for Type One Thickness:10mm; diameter:20mm
Size for Type Two Thickness:11mm; diameter:16mm
25/50kg PP/PE/Paper bags, or 500/1000kg Ton bags. for food usage, we can provide 500g, 1000g, per Bags packing, or according to the requirements.


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